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A number of classes are conducted online in a group setting with an instructor and/or a volunteer tutor. Subject to availability, devices may be made available to students who currently do not have the means to access online services; a combination of paper assignments and telephone instruction will be available for students who do not wish to go online. Please tell us if you may need a device when you call to register for classes. An Individual Learning Plan (ILP) is developed with input from each student and Adult Education program staff. ILPs can be changed as students’ goals, needs, and skills change.

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Distance Learning

Lifelong Learning Choices offers educational case management support to all students in the program. The student support coordinator is available to help identify resources that may help you overcome any barriers or challenges that are making it hard for you to succeed in class. We realize that, as adults, we all have many demands on our time and attention – if you have a problem that is interfering with your progress, please feel free to contact the student support coordinator at the office on 724-654-1500. The student support coordinator is also available to assist you in identifying your next steps toward your career or post-secondary education goal.

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